Manufacturing Process

1. Selection of Raw Material :-

As we act upon the concept of TQM (total quality management) of modern technology era, therefore, great importance is attached in the selection of all kinds of basic raw materials involved in this manufacturing, We use Natural and Synthetic latex Rubber of premium quality having maximum DRC dried rubber contents, good PH level, in accordance with ASTM D1076 for Rubber Concentrated, Ammonia Preserved, creamed and centrifuged Natural Latex (Cis 1, 4 Polyisoprene).

2. Compounding :-
The most sensitive part of the manufacturing is compounding with respect to the product, its usage and its chemical, Electrical and mechanical properties. We select all chemicals keeping in view the brands, chemical properties and their any side affects to the human health and skin.



3. Vulcanising and Leachging Process :-
For good quality and to avoid from any skin allergy both the process are of great importance. Our well equipped staff with technical know how focus on both the process with great care maintaining the temperature, time and the presence of any hydrophilic material in the gloves to bring good electrical resistance in Electrician gloves.



4. Checking and Quality Control :-
During manufacturing process, thickness, length, weight is strictly measured to keep up quality. Any defective gloves having any pin hole, crater, spot etc is removed from production line. Those gloves which are declared OK by QC(quality checker) in manufacturing process are sent for further visual inspection, electrical tests and mechanical tests in gloves testing laboratory in accordance with ASTM D120 or EN 60903.

All the manufacturing and inspecting are documented by means of instruction in accordance with quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 Place.