Technical Detail

Rubber Electrician Gloves (Rubber Insulating Gloves) are one of the most important hand safety item for the protection of electrical workers from any electrical shock while working around energized or live electrical system.
In order to be safe and effective, the gloves must incorporate high dielectric and physical strength, along with flexibility and durability.
For superior performance they should meet the requirement of international standard and specification such as ASTM D120 or EN 60903.

SIZE Class Thickness Max. Length Proof test Voltage Working Volts Breakdown Voltage
9-10-11 00 0.75MAX 410 M.M 2500V 500 Volts 4000 Volts
9-10-11 0 1.02 MM 410 M.M 5000 Volts 1000 Volts 10,000 Volts
9-10-11 1 1.50 MM 410 M.M 10,000 Volts 7500 Volts 20,000 Volts
9-10-11 2 2.29 MM 410 M.M 20,000 Volts 17000 Volts 30,000 Volts
9-10-11 3 2.92 MM 410 M.M 30,000 Volts 26500 Volts 40,000 Volts
Maximum Proof Test current leakage 10.M.A
 Physical Requirement
 Tensile Strength Min. 170.20 KG/CM2
 Tensile Strength at 200% MPA 2.1 (300)
 Ultimate Eleongation min% 600%
 Tear Resistance min KN/m 21
 Puncture Resistance, min KN/m 18
 Hardness max share 47
Ageing Test
168 heers ar 70oC and not less than 80% of the unaged value.
 Designation of tests
 Length, Thickness YES YES
 Bubbles, Shape, Outer surfece YES YES
 Spots marking and packing YES YES
 Mechanical Tests
 Tensile Strength YES
 Elongation at Break YES
 Puncture Resistance YES
 Tear Resistance YES
 Hardness Test YES
 Ageing Test
 Hot air Ageing Test YES
 Flame Retardance YES
 Visual Inspection
 Length, Thickness, Shape, Outer surface,
 Marking & Packin